I believe in being completely honest and transparent with all of the work I do with this blog and in every other area of my life. There’s no room for BS here, so with that in mind, I feel like I have to write this page.

I know it’s insanely boring so sorry to any of you who are actually reading this.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Some of the links in the posts on this website may lead to affiliate products – these are products that I promote and in return, I receive a small commission every time someone makes a purchase through one of these links. This comes at absolutely no additional cost to you! It’s just a way for me to keep this site going (gotta make a living, right). All the products I promote, I have used before or I believe are directly relevant and beneficial to you guys. 

These affiliates relationships in no way affect the information or recommendation that I provide. These companies don’t give me any free stuff or anything in exchange for promoting them.